Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4 New York State Projects Receive USDA Funding

News from the USDA:

A total of 131 projects in 30 states -- including New York state -- are receiving money through the U.S. Department of Agriculture to support small and emerging rural business.

The funding was made available through the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program, which promotes development of small and emerging businesses in rural areas. These grants may also be used to help fund distance learning networks and employment-related adult education programs.

Eligible applicants for the program include public bodies, nonprofit corporations and federally recognized Indian Tribes.

In the past five years, the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program has helped create or save more than 73,000 rural jobs, provided more than $170.9 million in economic development assistance, improved manufacturing capability, and expanded health care and educational facilities and has either expanded or helped establish almost 41,070 rural businesses and community projects, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Here are the projects being funded in New York state:

New York Philmont Beautification, Inc., $30,000, money will be used to renovate a building and convert the space to a year-round farmers' market.

Village of Angelica, $99,000, money will be used to renovate and rebuild a village electric substation.
New York Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corp., $60,000, money will be used to purchase equipment.
Washington County LDC, $90,670, money will be used to purchase equipment for a cheese factory expansion project.

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