Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New York State Fair 'One Thing' Series -- Today's Feature, Sheep

A couple of sheep at the New York State Fair
Sheep aren't one of the largest agriculture entities in New York state, but they are important just the same.

When I stopped into the goat/sheep barn at the New York State Fair, I talked to sheep owner Cheryl Saxton of Ava, Oneida County. I asked her what 'One Thing' she would like the public to know about sheep.

"They really have a lot of personality," she said while looking over her animals. "And the thing we get asked most often is why they are wearing blankets. The blankets are to keep them clean. People
Another State Fair sheep
think they're to keep them warm." 

There are about 15 to 20 different sheep breeds on display at the state fair and many of them competed in the sheep shows earlier this week.

Of course, sheep are known for being sheared and their fleece being used to make wool fiber. Some also are used for meat and young sheep, called lambs, also are used as a well-known meat product.

Wool production in New York state increased from 2011 to 2012, from 210,000 pounds to 220,000 pounds. There were 70,000 sheep in the state on Jan. 1, 2013, up 13 percent from the 62,000 head a year before.

A total of 45,000 lambs were born in New York state in 2012.

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