Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How is Aging Farming Population Going to Feed Us in the Future?

Interesting story out of Maryland. Check it out at http://articles.herald-mail.com/2013-08-12/news/41343821_1_farmers-population-agriculture

In the 2007 national Census of Agriculture, the average age of Maryland farmers was 57.3, which is higher than the New York average of 56.2.

For some other New York state reference, there were 10.060 farmers age 45 to 54 in the 2007 census, 5,750 age 70 and up and 5,396 age 55 to 59. In New York, there were only 1,720 farmers age 25 to 34 noted in the 2007 census.

I think these numbers and this story show that with more and more farmers getting close to retirement age, who is going to be left to grow and produce the food for the rest of us?

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