Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy International Bacon Day!

Today is International Bacon Day.

So let's all have my favorite sandwich -- a BLT.

Photo taken from a blog
Check out this website for more information than you've ever wanted on bacon.

Oh, and for all those bacon aficionados out there, here are a few things I found online for you by going to google, searching bacon and then clicking "images."

Photos of a suit made of bacon; a casket that looks like strips of
Photo take from a blog
bacon; Yankee Candles with the aroma of frying bacon; bacon-scented soap; bandages that look like strips of bacon; a sculpture of Kevin Bacon made of, you guessed it, bacon; gummy bacon candies; bacon frosting; bacon candy canes; a bacon coat for dogs; bacon jerky; bacon lip balm; bacon on a s'more; a bacon bra; a bacon tie; and a bacon costume for little kids.

So have a great bacon day, and kiss a pig to celebrate.

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