Thursday, September 29, 2016

Red Meat Production Up in New York in August

Commercial red meat production for New York totaled 3.8 million pounds in August, up 21 percent from the 3.1 million pounds produced in August 2015, said Blair Smith, state statistician of the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, New York Field Office.

Cattle slaughter totaled 3,200 head, up 10 percent from August 2015. The average live weight was up 28 pounds from the previous year, at 1,190.

Calf slaughter totaled 4,300 head, up 65 percent from August 2015. The average live weight was down 57 pounds from last year, at 136 pounds.

Hog slaughter totaled 6,000 head, up 33 percent from August 2015. The average live weight was up 12 pounds from the previous year, at 243 pounds.

Sheep slaughter totaled 5,000 head, 6 percent above last year. The average live weight was 102 pounds, down 3 pounds from August a year ago.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fire Destroys Barn at Ontario County Farm

An Ontario County farm lost its barn in a fire on Monday.

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New York Bill Makes Transport of Ag Vehicles Easier

A bill has been signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that saves farmers money and makes it easier for farm vehicles to travel on roadways.

Previously, agriculture plated vehicles could travel on public highways only to landfills, motor vehicle repair shops or between portions of a farm or farms.

Now, under the bill crafted by state Sen. Patricia Ritchie, R-Oswegatchie and chair of the state Senate Agriculture Committee, vehicles registered for agricultural purposes will be permitted to travel on public highways from their point of sale to a farm.

“Before now, farm vehicles needed to be transported by trailer from their point of sale to the farm, adding to the cost of the vehicle and placing an unnecessary burden on farmers,” said Ritchie.  

“By removing this inconsistency in the law, we will save farmers from extra costs and make it easier for them to transport the vehicles that are essential to their operations.”

The bipartisan measure was sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, D-Forestburgh.

Happy National Chocolate Milk Day!!!

With New York state being such a Dairy State, then we can't pass up a reason to celebrate today.

June is Dairy Month, but today is National Chocolate Milk Day. According to the National Day Calendar website, "across the country, folks enjoy a tall, frosty glass on National Chocolate Milk Day which is observed annually Sept. 27. "

The website continues: "Invented by Hans Sloane in the late 1680s, today chocolate milk can be purchased premixed or it can be made at home with either cocoa powder and a sweetener or with melted chocolate, chocolate syrup or chocolate milk mix.

"While Sloane was in Jamaica, he encountered a beverage the locals drank made with cocoa mixed with water. After trying it, he reported the flavor to be nauseating. After some experimentation, Sloane found a way to mix the cocoa with milk to make it more pleasant tasting. He brought the chocolate recipe back with him upon his return to England. Now people enjoy this delicious drink every day."

August Milk Production Up in NY

Milk production in New York during August 2016 totaled 1.24 billion pounds, up 3.2 percent from August 2015.

The average milk price received by New York farmers in July 2016, at $16.80 per hundredweight, is up $1 from June 2016, but down 60 cents from July a year ago.

Statistics show there were 619,000 milk cows in the state in 2015 and 620,000 in 2016. Production per cow was 1,945 pounds in 2015 and was up to 2,005 pounds per cow in 2016.