Saturday, August 24, 2013

New York State Fair 'One Thing' Series -- Today's Feature, Poultry

The photos to the left and below show just some of the poultry you will find in the Poultry Building at the New York State Fair. In addition to chickens, there are ducks, Cornish hens, turkeys, baby chicks and also rabbits.
Come to find out, you can even teach an old dog like me a few tricks when it comes to agriculture.

When I popped into the Poultry Building to ask my 'One Thing' question to a poultry owner, I learned a couple of things I never knew.

Here's what Karen Brouillette, of Knoxboro, Oneida County, said when I asked her what 'One Thing' she would tell the public about poultry:

"There are lots of different breeds," she said. "When looking at chickens, if they have a red earlobe, they will lay brown eggs. If they have a white earlobe, they will lay white eggs."

She said the only difference in these eggs is shell color. They taste the same and have the same nutrition.

I also learned that depending on whether the poultry is fed feed or is eats out in the field also will make a difference in the eggs.

Brouillette said free range poultry feeding outside in a field eat grasses along with some occasional bugs. This supplies them with more protein, so their eggs' yolks will be darker yellow, sometimes even an orange color. She said people will notice a difference in taste in these eggs. 

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