Friday, June 28, 2013

Some Farms Need Donation Help for Projects

Here's something I pulled off Facebook from Farmshed CNY:

Three regional farms with very worthy projects are currently raising money through crowd-funding campaigns.
Main Street Farms is raising $10,000 to complete an urban farm in Cortland, and currently has $1,400; Fruition Seeds is raising $25,000 to build a seed storage and processing barn on their farm, and still need to raise more than $10,000 to meet their goal.
Both of these campaigns are on Kickstarter and will get funded only if their funding goals are met.
And Cayuga Pure Organics, one of the foundational farms in this region, has raised only $44,000 of the $238,000 they need to rebuild after their farm burned down.

Main Street Farms' Kickstarter campaign: Go to

Fruition Seeds' Kickstarter campaign: Go to

Cayuga Pure Organics' IndieGoGo campaign: Go to

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