Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Downtown Syracuse Farmers' Market Open for Business

The Downtown Syracuse Farmers' Market opens today for its run through October.

Many farmers markets throughout the state and Central New York are opening and will include more fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables as the growing and harvest season progresses.

Right now, items like rhubarb and asparagus are available and the harvest of strawberries began last week.

Go to http://nyfarmersmarket.com/farmers-market-profiles/markets/markets.html to find a farmers' market near you. You can search by clicking on a letter (such as M for Manlius Farmers' Market) or go to the search box on the upper right part of the page and type in what you're looking for. For example, typing Syracuse brings up a list of markets (Downtown Syracuse, St. Joseph, Central New York Regional Market) and some farmers who sell goods at these markets.

You also can check out the Facebook page for the Farmers Market Federation of New York at https://www.facebook.com/FMFNY  

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