Sunday, December 29, 2013

See New York Products at Thruway Service Area in Canastota

From the governor's office:

The newest Taste NY store, located at the Chittenango Service Area in Canastota, has opened.

This latest store is the second location on the New York State Thruway to offer Taste NY products year round. In addition, four new Taste NY storefronts carrying “made in New York” products at Thruway Travel Plazas are now open in Clarence, Pembroke, Seneca and Scottsville. 

Pictures of the Chittenango store can be viewed here:

“With Taste NY, we are giving New Yorkers and visitors alike more opportunities to buy our state’s home grown products ,” Cuomo said. “The food, beverages and condiments our farms and businesses produce are now being sold all along the Thruway, one of our state’s largest and busiest highways. This provides a new market for many our state’s local businesses and lets drivers taste the best New York has to offer.”

In his 2013 State of the State address, Cuomo announced the launch of New York’s largest tourism campaign in decades. Taste NY is a key component of the nearly $60 million plan to grow New York industries, create jobs and attract even more visitors to the Empire State while promoting New York grown or produced products.

A selection of New York state products, including maple syrup, yogurt, cheese and other products, is available for purchase at the Chittenango Service Area inside the service area’s Travel Mart convenience store under the Taste NY banner. The four additional Taste NY storefront displays are also up and running at the other travel plazas.

For more  information go to this link.

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