Saturday, December 21, 2013

Get Out Now For Christmas Trees

Justin Brady, and his son Liam, 2, of West Monroe, pull their Christmas tree out of the woods at Granger's Christmas tree farm in Mexico Saturday Nov. 30. It was the Bradys first time at Grangers. Randy Granger said the farm sells about 150 trees a day when it's busy like it was on Saturday. The farm has been growing trees for 28 years and selling for 17.

Only a couple of days left to get a fresh wonderful Christmas tree grown in Oswego County.

Here is a story I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

The holiday season is here and it’s time to get out to buy a fresh Oswego County-grown Christmas tree.
Buying local not only supports Oswego County farms, but it also assures the freshest tree possible. Fresh cut trees smell better and keep their needles longer.

“If purchased locally, and displayed properly with plenty of water, most real Christmas trees have excellent needle retention,” said Faye Beckwith, of Beckwith Family Christmas Tree Station in Hannibal and former president of the Christmas Tree Farmers of New York State.

“Many of our customers report few or no needles on the floor after several weeks in their homes. While most people enjoy the aroma of our farm fresh trees, we also grow a fragrance-free variety that is a favorite with people with sensitive noses,” she said.

“Real Christmas trees are the best choice for both the environment and the economy,” Beckwith said. “Real Christmas trees are a renewable and recyclable resource. They are grown as a crop, by local farmers who provide jobs for others.

“Trees are harvested and replenished annually. As they grow, real trees absorb harmful carbons and produce fresh oxygen,” she said.

Beckwith added “the experience of going to the farm to choose the perfect tree fosters family traditions and creates memories that last a lifetime.”

Cooperative Extnesion supplied this list of Oswego County tree farmers:

Austin Tree Farm – 221 Baldwin Road, Volney
Beckwith Family Christmas Tree Station – 189 Mill St., Hannibal
Bis-Mar Farms – County Route, West Monroe
Chengerian’s Tree Land – Merritt Road,  Lysander
Darling’s Christmas Tree Farm – 280 Blythe Road, Hannibal
Emerald Mist Christmas Tree Farm – 1484 Rathburn Road, Oswego
Finnerty Hill Tree Farm – 3750 County Route, Williamstown
Goodman’s Christmas Tree Farm – 460 Gilbert Mills Road, Phoenix
Grace Farms – 78 Gunther Road, Central Square
Granger’s Christmas Tree Farm – 380 Tubbs Road, Mexico
H & H Trees – 1430 Co Rte 28, Tinker Tavern Road, Pulaski
Hemlock Haven Tree Farm – 460 County Route 22A (Ellisburg Street), Sandy Creek
Leonard’s Evergreens – 70 Dunham Road, Hannibal
Spring Pond Farm – 3439 U.S. Route 11, Mexico
Three Season Farm – 429 Drybridge Road, Mexico
Trust Nursery & Florist – 4347 U.S. Route 11, Pulaski
Whitetail Acres Christmas Tree Farm – 1685 State Route 264, Phoenix

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