Monday, October 12, 2015

Apple Association Collects Less Money at State Fair This Year

Did you have trouble finding the New York Apple Association booth at the State Fair this year?

I did. And I guess wasn't alone.

Seems state fair officials moved the association's booth to the other side of the Horticulture Building. For years, the apples have been across from the New York Maple Producers exhibit.

But this year, the maple producers exhibit expanded and took up that space with its education center. But there was no sign letting people know the apple folks moved to a new site.

“The New York Apple Association booth is a popular one for fairgoers. This year we moved it to equivalent space within the Horticulture Building, next to the most popular exhibit in the building, the Baked Potato booth, in order to provide space for an expanded, interactive display from the New York State Maple Producers," said fair spokesman David Bullard.. 

"It’s not uncommon to move the location of vendors and booths to accommodate various factors, including new or expanded displays,”  Bullard said.

Apple Association President Jim Allen said one reason why he believes people had difficulty finding the apple booth is less money was brought in through the sale of apple products at the exhibit.

He said the money raised through the sale of apples and apple products at the exhibit usually is more than $10,000. This year, it was less than $9,000.

All the money goes to the American Cancer Society.

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