Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New York FarmNet Seeks Farm Managers for Survey

Information from New York FarmNet:

NY FarmNet is seeking middle managers working in farm businesses for a new research effort that hopes to determine attributes of successful managers, as well as identify areas for improvement. 

Survey results may be used to develop educational programs for farm managers.

"Middle managers play an important role in the success of agriculture. However, limited research exists related to the current skillset of on-farm middle managers," said NY FarmNet Executive Director Ed Staehr. "Information obtained from this study will provide valuable information for furthering and developing agricultural managers with the necessary skillsets to ensure long-term successes and sustainability of the agricultural industry."

The definitions are as follows:

Middle Managers -- A key employee that is controlled and controls. A middle is responsible for a designated area of the business, may or may not supervise employees, and may or may not serve as a junior partner. Most middle managers have some decision making authority, while senior managers are ultimately responsible for the decisions of middle managers.

Senior Managers -- A senior manager controls and is not controlled. Senior managers have final decision making authority for all, or a portion of the business. Senior managers are responsible for the decisions made by middle managers. For the purposes of this study, a senior manager must have full or partial ownership of the business; otherwise they are a middle manager.

The survey link is:

For more information, contact (607) 255-4121.

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