Friday, July 17, 2015

Cuomo Announces Invasive Species Awareness Week

Wild parsnip looks like yellow Queen Anne's lace. Its sap can burn your skin.
New York state’s second annual Invasive Species Awareness Week is July 18 through 26.

Not every organism that comes from abroad is a problem, but a few have become invasive, causing serious financial and environmental damage.

Because nearly half of all new invasive species infestations are found by concerned citizens, the public is asked to be “eyes and ears on the ground” by learning about a few key invasive species threats to our region. With invasive species, the best offense is a good defense—an ounce of prevention is worth megatons of control efforts.

Asian longhorn beetle, emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid are the most destructive forest insect pests, and Japanese knotweed and wild parsnip are two of the more difficult invasive plants to control. 

Learn how to identify these and others at  or contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office or state Department of Environmental Conservation office.

For a list of fun and informative invasive species events coming up next week in the North Country, including many kid-friendly programs, go to

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