Thursday, December 18, 2014

Time is Running Out to Find that Perfect New York Christmas Tree

Only seven days (counting today) to get out and buy that fresh, New York-grown Christmas tree.

There are many Christmas tree farms throughout the state and buying local not only supports local farm businesses, it also assures you have the freshest tree possible. Fresh cut trees smell better and keep their needles longer.

“If purchased locally, and displayed properly with plenty of water, most real Christmas trees have excellent needle retention. Many of our customers report few or no needles on the floor after several weeks in their homes. While most people enjoy the aroma of our farm fresh trees, we also grow a fragrance-free variety that is a favorite with people with sensitive noses,” said Faye Beckwith from Beckwith Family Christmas Tree Station in Hannibal, Oswego County.

“Real Christmas trees are the best choice for both the environment and the economy. Real Christmas trees are a renewable and recyclable resource," she said. "They are grown as a crop, by local farmers who provide jobs for others. Trees are harvested and replenished annually. As they grow, real trees absorb harmful carbons and produce fresh oxygen. “

Buying a fresh and local Christmas tree is also a great bonding experience for families. 

“The experience of going to the farm to choose the perfect tree fosters family traditions and creates memories that last a lifetime," Beckwith said. "We have several four generation families who come annually to ride the tractor-drawn wagon to the fields - in search of the perfect tree.”          

To find a Christmas tree farmer near you, go to  

Then click on Real Trees at the top of the page and then go to Find a Tree.

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