Sunday, July 28, 2013

Twitter Still on Fire with Anti-Panera Bread Controversy


Got on Twitter Sunday afternoon after being away for a day and 19 of 50 of the first tweets I see are on the Panera Bread controversy.

Here are some of the tweets:

Ashley Knapton: Anyone else wish they could see the look on the @'s PR's face when they get to work on Monday?

Andrew Goodrich: @ 6 am on a Sunday morning and I'm checking withdrawals on fat cattle. Man I feel lazy.

Shannon: At the farmers market this morning and those lazy farmers were there and set up by 8am. The nerve!

Dianne Bettin: Panera Bread - don't use fear to sell food!

Here is a response from Panera Bread as posted by AgWired:

And here are some of Panera Bread's tweets:

Sorry if you were offended by our EZ Chicken posts, Valerie. We truly appreciate entire farming community & all their hard work.

We never intended to insult anyone with our EZ Chicken posts, especially farmers. We truly appreciate all their hard work.

Go to on Dairy Carrie's blog to see how the whole controversy began.

Read more about the issue by going to Twitter and searching @EZChicken or #pluckEZchicken.

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