Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Geographic Takes On Animal Abuse on Farms

OK. Another ag issue is heating up Twitter.

Go to Twitter and search for #insidesecretamerica. Seems National Geographic Channel has a show called Inside Secret America and did a piece called "Animal Undercover" which aired Wednesday night and again at midnight Thursday. 

Twitter is lighting up from farmers across the U.S. ripping the show.

Go to to read about the National Geographic show. Go to to see two videos from the animal show -- one on ag gag laws and one of an undercover investigation.

Here is how the National Geographic website describes the show: "The images are disturbing; animal cruelty and abuse at the hands of food industry workers and research technicians. Van Zeller and Foster first meet with covert animal activists who lead hidden camera exposés that have resulted in increased scrutiny of slaughterhouses, farms and research labs. While activists push for stricter enforcement of animal cruelty laws and increased criminal prosecutions against offenders, industry executives and lawmakers are mounting their own counterattack." 

Here are some tweets about the show:

Tim says: Ok, read some tweets about ...I can assure you my chickens/animals live a better life than I do. 

Compassion 4 Animals says: I love the farmers who say they are against animal abuse. Do you also say you murder your animals with care? 

Jessica Decker says: Best part of that - all the farmers/ranchers offering to open their doors! Take note America! 

Jenni Tilton-Flood says: The only animal "abused"on our family farm is a Deere.

What do you folks think of all this??

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