Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rants Against Panera Bread Continue on Twitter

Twitter continues with people who are upset with Panera Bread and its recent ad campaign that some believe is anti-farmer and anti-rancher.

Here's some examples:

Ashley Nunnenkamp says We deserve a real apology for the offensive campaign. Until then no more panera.

Ashley also says: @ owes lots of hardworking american farmers a HUGE apology!

Marie Bowers says: If @ thinks farmers are lazy. I gladly invite them out to work harvest with me. Already got 74 hours in this week and Did I mention it's been 90 degrees all week ? 16 hour days are for the lazy farmers....

 Stacy Revels says: Glad to see is backtracking on incredibly stupid campaign. Think they saw what happens when you call farmers lazy.

To see more, go to and search #EZChicken or #PluckEZChicken. 

Here is what Panera Bread said to begin this uproar:!articles/antibiotic_free_answers 

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