Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Counselors to Learn about Ag Careers at Food and Farm Experience

Now is the time to sign up to attend the 2017 Food and Farm Experience, sponsored by New York Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Agricultural Education.

The annual event -- scheduled for Oct. 18-20 -- will provide middle and high school career counselors with a unique opportunity to learn about agriculture. The repeat focus is a response to the overwhelming success and feedback from last year’s program that highlighted career exploration and development for New York students.

The event, held this year at The Beeches Inn and Conference Center in Rome, Oneida County, is an annual summit focusing on learning about agriculture and making connections with a full array of people connected to farming and food production.

This year’s in-depth experience will connect participants to an industry that offers more than 300 ag-related career opportunities.  The participants will meet with industry experts, employers, and post-secondary educators. Participants will be selected via nominations and applications, with a goal to develop extensive agricultural understanding, networking and connections.

Food and Farm Experience will be packed with essential and useful information about agriculture for a focused group of up to 35 career educators. The materials provided will include the tools, resources and connections needed to assist their students who may be interested in agricultural careers.  

Participants will visit a variety of locations over the two day experience, from farm to fork and participate in interactive workshops and panel discussions to get a feel for the multitude of career opportunities available in agriculture.

The event begins with a dinner Oct. 18. It will include tours, panel discussions, a trade show and more before winding down at noon Friday, Oct. 20.

Food, lodging and workshop material costs will be covered by the New York Farm Bureau Foundation.

An application must be postmarked or received electronically by July 14.

For those interested in attending the 2017 Food & Farm Experience or if you know someone to nominate, contact New York Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Agricultural Education at (800) 342-4143. Applications are also available at www.nyfbfoundation.org

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