Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Get In on The Big Apple Salad Challenge

From Empire Farm & Dairy:


The New York Apple Association invites apple fans who want to eat more healthfully to take the Big Apple Salad Challenge this fall, by eating at least one salad a day that includes apples.

Fans who take the Big Apple Salad Challenge are invited to try New York Apple Association's salad recipes, and to send pictures of their own apple salads to New York Apple Association — the association will share fan photos on its website and Facebook page.

“Whatever your health goal – eating cleaner, feeling better, losing weight – salads are a deliciously easy way to eat better without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction,” said association registered dietitian Linda Quinn said. “Apples add crunch, texture and flavor – as well as nutrients and fiber-related fullness – to any salad. Plus, apple cider and cider vinegar make great salad dressings!”

Quinn has developed a number of apple salad recipes to help apple fans get started on the Big Apple Salad Challenge, including:

• New York Apple Slaw with Sweet and Sour Cider Dressing – NYAA’s Facebook fans picked this recipe for Quinn to prepare during a demonstration at the Great New York State Fair last month
• New York Apple-cado Salad, a fruity, crunchy twist on traditional guacamole
• New York Apple Seasonal Salad, with kale, quinoa and dried cranberries in a cider vinaigrette dressing
• For the guys who grill, New York Grilled Apple Salad with a tangy cider mustard vinaigrette dressing
• New York Apple BYO Salad with Apple Cider Drizzle – build your own salad with what’s in your fridge!

“Eating clean means eating more of the best, healthiest foods – and less of the not-so-healthy ones. It means eating whole foods, close to their source,” Quinn said. “Eating clean doesn’t just make you feel better about the food you’re eating, it actually makes you feel better.”

Send New York Apple Association your favorite salad recipe or salad photo by Oct. 31, and you will also be entered in the Big Apple Salad Sweepstakes – you could win one of three $500 Visa gift cards in a random drawing.

New York Apple Association will share sweepstakes winners’ photos after the sweepstakes has concluded. (You can also simply fill out and submit the sweepstakes entry form – no purchase, photo or recipe is necessary.)

To learn more about the Big Apple Salad Challenge, to find salad recipes and to enter the sweepstakes, visit www.nyapplecountry.com and click on the link at the top of the home page.

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