Friday, July 15, 2016

It's National I Love Horses Day!!

Horses and riders compete at the Syracuse International Horse Show
Today is the day to celebrate all that is equine.

According to the National Day Calendar, it's National I Love Horses Day. 

Wikipedia states "Horse and equestrian lovers across the nation celebrate each year on July 15 as National I Love Horses Day is one of their favorite holidays. This day pays tribute to, and honors, the horse. According to an Animal Plant poll, the horse is the world’s fourth favorite animal."

The National Day Calendar website states: "playing an important role in history, horses have been an essential part of our countries development as, from the beginning, they helped in exploring new territory, provided transportation, helped in the fields, helped in war as well as companionship.

"This day is a great opportunity to learn more about horses.  While you are doing research at your local library or on the ‘net’, learn more about the Colt, Filly, Foal, Gelding, Mare, Stallion and Yearling."

So, go out and pet a horse or ride a horse or feed a horse.

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