Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Introduce School Officials to Ag-Related Careers

From New York Farm Bureau Foundation

Do you want to make a difference for the next generation? 

Have you brought The Food & Farm Experience information to your local school counselors, Board of Education, or Superintendent?

If not, do it now and be part of the force that will introduce counselors to more than 300 ag-related careers for their students.  

The participants will meet with industry experts, employers, and post-secondary educators.  A two-day in-depth experience tailored as an agricultural education encounter has been created for this specific audience.  

Participants will be selected via nomination/application.  Food, lodging, and workshop material costs are covered by the Foundation.

The Food & Farm Experience is scheduled for Oct. 19-21 in Batavia, during which participants will have the opportunity to share with individuals representing agriculture. Participants will visit and tour a variety of stops along the journey from farm to fork, and get a feel for the multitude of career opportunities available in the agricultural industry.  

They will receive high-quality materials and resources that will provide easy access to the core of New York agriculture, as well as being exposed to panels representing agricultural expertise, jobs, and education.

Interested in attending the 2016 Food & Farm Experience or know someone to nominate? Contact New York Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Agricultural Education at (800) 342-4143.  

The application is available here and the brochure is available by clicking here.

The deadline to submit an application is July 15. You will have to open the application with the Adobe Reader program in order to fill it in electronically.

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