Thursday, May 19, 2016

'Dairying for Tomorrow' Award Launched

FRom the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council:

To recognize local dairy farmers and showcase the unique on-farm practices to help sustain the dairy industry well into the future, the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council is launching the "Dairying for Tomorrow Award".
"The award is set-up to highlight local dairy farm families who display a passion for dairying and have a unique practice that will help lead their dairy into the future," said Beth Meyer, vice president of industry relations for association. 

"We want to share with consumers the many things dairy farmers do to care for their animals, their natural resources and the communities in which they live," Meyer added. 

The award is broken into three categories: animal care, community/consumer outreach, and environmental stewardship.
The award will recognize one winner in each of the three categories within these five different regions: Central New York, Western New York, Eastern New York, Northern New York, and Northeastern Pennsylvania/Northern New Jersey. 

Three overall winners in each category will be selected and awarded at the New York State Fair Dairy Day breakfast. They will receive a cash prize, along with the production of a farm video and photo shoot that highlights the farm. 

Award applications are being accepted through May 31st.

The application is simple and easily accessed online. All dairy farmers are encouraged to take just a few minutes to share all the great things they are doing on their farms. 
To apply, visit the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council at  
For more information, contact Emma Andrew at 315-472-9143 or

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