Thursday, March 31, 2016

New York Farm Bureau Disappointed New State Budget Includes Wage Hike

The state Legislature has come to an agreement on a new state budget that includes a minimum wage increase.

Here is a statement from New York Farm Bureau:

“As New York State leaders reach an agreement on an increase in the minimum wage, New York Farm Bureau is disappointed in the outcome and remains steadfastly opposed to the wage hike, regardless of the inclusion of any programs in the final state budget that are designed to assist agriculture," said New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton.

"Farms, especially those on Long Island, will face extremely serious economic challenges as they will be forced to pay the dramatically higher wage rates mandated by this agreement. In turn, their business costs will skyrocket as their products become less competitive, and fresh locally-grown food products will be more expensive and less available," he said.

"The governor and legislature are playing politics with family farmers and their livelihoods and, as a result, our businesses and rural communities will pay the price,” Norton said.

1 comment:

  1. If you trust Raggedy Andy Cuomo and his marionettes in the legislature to pay for "programs ... designed to assist agriculture," you just haven't been paying attention to the fate of earlier promises to other constituencies. The state will be struggling to find money for farmers long after the guv has launched his 2020 presidential campaign.