Friday, February 5, 2016

Money Available for Organic Dairy Farming

The New York Organic Dairy Program has partnered with the New York Farm Viability Institute to make grant money available for organic dairy producers to participate in the Cornell Organic Dairy Farm Business Summary program and select a project for immediate attention through a modified Dairy Profit Team approach.

Farms participating in the Dairy Farm Business Summary and those that have not completed a Dairy Farm Business Summary before are both eligible for grants. Priority for grants will be given to certified organic dairies, however, farms in transition to become organic are encouraged to apply.

Farmers may first apply for funds to:
** Work with a qualified farm business consultant to upload the operating and financial information for the individual farm into the Cornell Organic Dairy Farm Business Summary,

** or, if the farmer has completed a 2016 Summary, to work with the consultant to review the data to select a short-term project that will benefit the farm. Varying levels of funding are available for this initial step.

Money is also available for farmers to work with a consultant on a project that will help the business better meet its goals. Applicants for a project grant must first complete a 2016 Dairy Farm Busines Summary.

Farmers requesting project funds will be required to work with the New York Organic Dairy Program to document their desired goal and projects must be achievable within 18 months of the formation of the consultant ‘team.’ 

Examples of projects include, but are not limited to, developing a business plan, enhancing transitioning practices and constructing facilities. The New York Organic Dairy Program will provide up to $1,500 for the consultant and team to complete its project work.

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