Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Law Cuts in Half Fee for Registering Agricultural Trailers

From state Sen. Patricia Ritchie:

A bill has been signed into law that will save farmers money by cutting fees to register trailers used for transporting produce, livestock and other items. 

The bill written and sponsored by state Sen. Patty Ritchie and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther will cut the trailer fees in half. Now, trucks used for farming activities can be registered for a lesser fee than those used for other purposes but there is no reduced fee for agricultural trailers.  

Under the measure (S. 4241-B), trailers used for farming purposes will be charged a smaller fee, bringing the cost in line with trucks used for agriculture. 

“Farming isn’t just a land intensive businesses, it’s a transportation intensive business, with agribusiness professionals logging countless miles annually to move produce, livestock, supplies and other goods,” said Ritchie.

“By lowering the registration fee for agricultural trailers, we are cutting costs for farmers, which in turn, will allow them to further expand their businesses and support the continued growth of New York’s leading industry.”

“Agriculture contributes over $37 billion to New York’s economy," said Gunther. "While this measure may seem small, it will result in more money being invested into farming and will stimulate other areas of the economy as well.”

Currently, the fee to register a trailer is $5.39 per 500 pounds.  Under the new law, the registration fee for agricultural trailers will be reduced to $2.50 per 500 pounds.

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