Tuesday, August 25, 2015

State Fair Offers Cookbook Filled with Winning Recipes

The New York State is offering a cookbook filled with recipes from people who have won cooking and baking competitions at the fair.

Open the new "Blue Ribbon Recipes: The Great New York State Fair" book and you'll find recipes judged to be amont the very best in New York state.

The 100-page cookbook filled with grand champion finalist recipes from 2006 to 2014 will be available for $15 at the History of the State Fair exhibit in the Art and Home Center, said State Fair Acting Director Troy Waffner.

Every year at the fair, amateur cooks from across the state submit daily recipes and samples in a wide variety of food categories. Most of the daily winners at the competition go on to compete in the Grand Championship on Labor Day.

"For many years, some of the best food on the fairgrounds has been behind the closed doors of the culinary judging area," Waffner said. 'Blue Ribbon Recipes' throws open and shares these wonderful recipes with everyone. I've already picked a couple that I'd like to try."

This year, 141 New Yorkers submitted 626 creations to the culinary competitions.  Judges sample each offering in the search for the very best.  Winners receive small cash prizes and ribbons that signify their achievement. 

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