Friday, March 27, 2015

New York State Fair Seeks Vegetarian Food Vendor

News from the New York State Fair:

New York State Fair officials are recruiting to fill an open space in a permanent indoor restaurant with a qualified company offering vegetarian and vegan foods and beverages, 

Acting State Fair Director Troy Waffner announced today.  Information spelling out the requirements and the process for applying has been posted on the Fair’s website at:

The space is a 20 feet by 20 feet restaurant in the southeast corner of the International Building, one of the fair’s prime destinations for food.  

The winning vendor supplies his or her own equipment and pays an annual rent, $7,160 for 2015, based on a cost per square foot. The vendor will be chosen based on the number and variety of vegetarian and vegan items on the proposed menu, with extra consideration given to those who will commit to using New York state-grown and produced ingredients and products where possible.  

A bidder must be currently in the restaurant or food service business, and have been in business for the past three years. The bidder must also have a demonstrated knowledge of preparing vegetarian and vegan food items. Applications will be accepted until May 1

The fair provides water and sewer services, electricity and trash removal. Natural gas service is available, but is the vendor’s responsibility.

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