Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cornell University Awarded Food Safety Grants

Cornell University is receiving nearly $1 million in grants from the U.s. Department of Agriculture to study and research food safety issues.

Here are the two grants awarded to Cornell:

Cornell University, Ithaca
$479,764  |  Examine the significance of water films and droplets on the initial retention and attachment of foodborne pathogens to the surface of fresh produce and explore potential steps to modify conditions of the initial attachment process so that pathogens can be washed off more easily.

Cornell University
$499, 997  |  Execute a three-pronged, interdisciplinary, mechanistic approach involving engineering modeling, microfluids, and microbiology validation to study active and passive attachment and internalization at produce surfaces during exposure to contaminated water during irrigation/washing, as well as passive infiltration into produce from hydro- and vacuum-cooling.

These were part of nearly $19 million in grants announced Tuesday by USDA. The 36 food safety grants are aimed at research that will protect consumers from food issues.

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