Thursday, September 4, 2014

Postage Stamps Honor Farmers Markets

From the USDA:

Four postage stamps honoring farmers markets were unveiled at a farmers market near the White House this week.
Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack said the stamps will help keep farmers markets on people's minds.
"A lot of folks have talked about the benefits of farmers markets and that’s certainly true. This postage stamp will give us the opportunity to focus on those benefits. It’s been mentioned that it obviously is access to great food and I’d encourage everybody to spend a few bucks while you’re here," Vilsack said.
Vilsack said the stamps are coming out at a great time as farmers markets are very popular these days. "We’ve seen a dramatic increase in farmers markets across the United States. A 76 percent increase and today we have over 8,268 markets throughout the United States," he said.
The artist who created the stamps said she was inspired by farmers markets she attends.
"They show some of what you can get there and the freshness and the spirit of the market. They’re a community gathering spot. They’re a wonderful place to get good, fresh food, and you get to meet your farmers," said Robin Moline, farmers market stamp illustrator.
To find a market in New York state, go to the Farmers Market Federation of New York website at

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