Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Morrisville State Places First in Dairy Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo

Cattle judging at the World Dairy Expo. Photo by Nina Linton Photography.
Morrisville State College placed first Monday in the International Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Team member Evan Castrogiovanni took top individual honors.

SUNY Cobleskill came in second place and Alfred State came in sixth.

Here is the news release from the World Dairy Expo:

Morrisville State College placed first in the International Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest held Monday, Sept. 29 at World Dairy Expo. 

The winning team was anchored by first place overall high individual and overall reasons individual, Evan Castrogiovanni. Other team members included Alton Rudgers, Logan Martin, also finishing in the top 10, and Drew Hill, placing 13th overall. 

Aaron Berg, of UW-Farm and Industry Short Course, placed second overall following Castrogiovanni by just one point.

Thirteen Post-Secondary teams competed in the contest which included two portions: a conventional judging contest with evaluation and individual reasons, and a practical segment. The practical contest is a unique contest that includes essential on-farm skills with linear scoring, registered heifer evaluations and commercial heifer evaluations. 
Team and individual results for both portions are as follows:
Overall Top 10 Teams
1. Morrisville State College “A”, 2,169
Team members: Evan Castrogiovanni, Alton Rudgers, Logan Martin, Drew Hill

2. SUNY Cobleskill, 2,104
Team members: Devin Sickles, Tyler Hymers, Kimberly Merlau, Ericka Gogis

3. Modesto Jr. College, 2,089
Team members: Andrew Vaz, Joya Lemos, Mark Vieira, Michael Davis

4. Merced Community College, 2,042
Team members: Anton Fernandes, Clinton Lundell, Wyatt Sherron

5. Michigan State University Ag Tech 1,990
Team members: Allie Elzinga, Allison Pung, Jenna Martin, Rebecca Swartzendruber
6. Alfred State College, 1,981
Team members: Megan George, Oliver Ewell, Nicholas Mears

7. Kaskaskia College, 1,911
Team members:  Caleb Brink, Chelsea Jean, Addy Brennan, Dakota Grayling

8. Lakeshore Technical College “A”, 1,904
Team members:  Evan Schrauth, Drew Buiter, Vanessa Bobzien, Stephanie Baus

9. Zamorano “A”, 1,893
Team members: Camilo Duran, Andrea Rubio, Simon Spragge, Anasthasia Mora
10. Zamorano “B”, 1,859
Team members: Santiago Rosero, Luis Castellanos, Alvaro Tello, Nathaly Montano

Overall Top 10 Individuals
1.  Evan Castrogiovanni, 732, Morrisville State College “A”
2. Aaron Berg, 731, UW-Farm & Industry Short Course
3. Andrew Vaz, 725, Modesto Jr. College
4. Alton Rudgers, 719, Morrisville State College “A”
5. Logan Martin, 718, Morrisville State College “A”
6. Devin Sickles, 718, SUNY Cobleskill
7. Tyler Hymers, 713, SUNY Cobleskill
8. Anton Fernandes, 699, Merced Community College
9. Megan George, 691, Alfred State College
10. Allie Elzinga, 689, Michigan State University Ag Tech
Top 5 Team Reasons
1. Morrisville State College “A”, 538
2. SUNY Cobleskill, 503
3. Alfred State College, 493
4. Michigan State University Ag Tech, 492
5. Modesto Jr. College, 489
Top 10 Individual Reasons
1. Evan Castrogiovanni, 180, Morrisville State College “A”
2. Alton Rudgers, 179, Morrisville State College “A”
3. Logan Martin, 179, Morrisville State College “A”
4. Megan George, 175, Alfred State College
5. Allison Pung, 173, Michigan State University Ag Tech
6. Devin Sickles, 171, SUNY Cobleskill
7. Andrew Vax, 170, Modesto Jr. College
8. Chelsea Jean, 169, Kaskaskia College
9. Tyler Hymers, 168, SUNY Cobleskill
10. Aaron Berg, 165, UW-Farm & Industry Short Course
Top 5 Teams Practical Contest
1. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 469
2. SUNY Cobleskill, 444
3. Alfred State College, 424
4. Kaskaskia College, 376
5. Modesto Jr. College, 359
Top 5 Teams Linear Contest
1. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 373
2. Kaskaskia College, 355
3. SUNY Cobleskill, 338
4. Modesto Jr. College, 323
5. Lakeshore Technical College “A”, 269
Top 10 Individuals Linear Contest
1. Allison Quick, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 141
2. Chelsea Jean, Kaskaskia College, 128
3. Andrew Vaz, Modesto Jr. College, 120
4. Tyler Hymers, SUNY Cobleskill, 119
4. Deven Sickles, SUNY Cobleskill, 119
5. Dakota Grayling, Kaskaskia College, 118
5. Brooks Hendrickson, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 118
6. Jacob Leum, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 114
7. Megan George, Alfred State College, 111
8. Michelle Hintz, Fox Valley Technical College, 110
Top 5 Teams Registered Class
1. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 186
2. Alfred State College, 178
3. SUNY - Cobleskill, 163
4. Kaskaskia College, 123
5. Lakeshore Technical College “A”, 122
Top 5 Practical Commercial Class
1. SUNY Cobleskill, 169
2. Alfred State College, 165
3. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 159
4. Modesto Jr. College, 158
5. Kaskaskia College, 135

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