Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New York Farm Bureau Discusses Cuomo's State of the State Address

Here is a statement from New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton concerning Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address:

Dean Norton
“New York Farm Bureau appreciates the continued efforts by Governor Cuomo to prioritize agriculture as a critical part of the state’s economy. In his State of the State Address, he laid out a number of standout proposals that matter to every farmer in New York.  

"This includes efforts to remove regulatory barriers that get in the way of growing our businesses. We also support his tax reform initiatives that include raising the estate tax threshold and finally phasing out the article 18A surcharge on energy bills.

"The governor also plans to capitalize on past successes, by proposing a second round of Yogurt and Wine, Beer and Spirits Summits. Just as exciting is news of a new summit looking to connect our farms with downstate consumers who are eager to purchase New York grown food and locally made products. Additional promotional efforts as well will keep the state’s outstanding farmers front and center in the eyes of tourists and New Yorkers alike.

"Hunting is also an important part of rural life in New York state. It helps farmers protect their land, crops and livestock from the damage caused by overpopulated wildlife. Governor Cuomo’s efforts to support and increase hunting opportunities throughout the state, including increased sportsmen access to state land and reforms to landowner liability, are positive steps to help safeguard farmers’ interests.

"New York Farm Bureau works on behalf of every farmer in this diverse state, and having a strong partnership with Governor Cuomo and his administration is imperative to growing New York agriculture.”

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