Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meteorologist Says Recent Weather An Aberration

USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says the recent frigid weather was an aberration and that the rest of the winter in most areas of the nation should be milder than normal.

In this clip, he also talks about the recent cold snap, the effect on agriculture, the current drought conditions, and the rest of the winter.

1- Rippey says this week’s weather, while severe, was an aberration. :22

2-Rippey says the cold’s effect on agriculture was minimal, but parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas may see some crop damage. :39

3-The rest of the winter should be milder than average in most of the nation, with some exceptions. :55

4-The drought situation in parts of the west is still severe. :42

Go to to see Rippey's report. Username is usdaftp and password is 1qaz2wsx

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