Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Farmers Take on Chipotle Restaruants for New Ad

OK, now another restaurant company is taking it on the chin for one of its ads.

Chipotle has put out an ad and a mobile game that can be played on iPads and iPhones that seems to take on factory farms and farms in general. Go to to see a story about the campaign and watch the ad for the mobile game.

Farmers are taking issue with this on blogs, stating the video -- which is all animation -- doesn't show how farmers really treat their animals. In fact, some say Chipotle had to use animation because they couldn't find real farms putting their cows in metal cages or injecting chickens with chemicals.

Here is what the Agriculture Proud blog is saying about the issue. Dairy Carrie, a long-time blogger who recently was embroiled in the Panera restaurant ad controversy, posted this about Chipotle.

But then there are those who defend the ad, even calling it brilliant. Go to or check out

Interesting stuff to check out. Is the ad brilliant or offensive? Are some farmers going to far with their criticism or are they right on the mark? 

Thoughts? Comment here.

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  1. I'm not sure what to think. Is Chipotle promoting small farmers and accusing corporate ag of bulking up animals on antibiotics and growth hormones? Depends on how you view Willie Wonka, I suppose.