Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cheese, Milk, Honey Production Up in 2012 in New York

Here are some production stats on various commodities in New York state:

Cheese: Total cheese production in New York, excluding cottage cheese, totaled 754 million pounds in 2012, said Blair Smith, state statistician of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, New York Field Office.

This is a 3.5 percent increase from the previous year. Italian
cheese, which accounted for 48 percent of New York’s total cheese output, was at 365 million pounds, down 0.5 percent. Total cottage cheese production at 315 million pounds was up 0.9 percent from 2011. 

New York leads the nation in cottage cheese production.

Milk: Total milk production in New York during 2012 was up 3 percent from 2011 with a total of 13.2 billion pounds produced, Smith said.

The annual average number of milk cows, at 610,000 head, was
unchanged. Annual output per cow averaged 21,633 pounds, up 3 percent from 2011.

Cash receipts from the sale of New York milk during 2012 totaled $2.6 billion, down 7 percent from 2011. The $19.40 per hundredweight received for all milk sold by New York farmers was down $2, or 9 percent, from the $21.40 received in 2011.

Marketing totals include whole milk and producer-separated cream sold to plants and dealers as well as milk sold directly to consumers.

An estimated 32 million pounds of milk was used on farms during 2012, unchanged from the previous year. About 93.8 percent of the milk used on farms was fed back to calves. The value of all milk produced, including milk fed back to calves, totaled $2.6 billion, down 7 percent from 2011.

Floriculture: New York floriculture production ranked ninth in the nation for total commercial sales in 2012, Smith said.

The overall value of commercial sales for operations with more than $10,000 in sales decreased slightly to $169 million. Bedding and garden plants continued to be the highest component of the total value of sales at $102 million.

Potted flowering plants were second with a value of sales of
$26.6 million, up 10 percent from previous year. Propagative materials ranked third at $21.1 million, a decrease of 4 percent from 2011.

During 2012, there were 577 growers. The total covered area for the floriculture crop production was 25.2 million square feet, down slightly from the 25.3 million square feet in 2011. The total open
ground area was 607 acres.

Honey: Honey production from beekeepers with five or more hives in New York totaled 2.65 million pounds during 2012.

The 2012 production was extracted from 52,000 colonies, up from the 49,000 colonies in 2011. Honey yield per colony averaged 51 pounds.

Honey stocks on hand across the state as of Dec. 15, 2012 totaled 1.01 million pounds, a decrease of 18 percent from the 1.24
million pounds a year earlier. Prices received by beekeepers in New York averaged $2.28 per pound for all methods of sale during 2012. 

Value of honey production for the state in 2012 totaled $6.05 million, compared with $5.38 million in 2011. 

Red meat: Commercial red meat production in New York slaughter plants totaled 32.7 million pounds in 2012.

This output is down 1 percent from the 33 million pounds produced in 2011. The number of calves slaughtered in the state, at 105,500 head, was down 4 percent from 2011, but total pounds of veal produced were up 5 percent.

Cattle slaughter in the Empire State totaled 30,200 head during 2012, down 12 percent from a year earlier.

Poultry: The value of New York egg production in 2012 was $93.7 million, 13 percent above the 2011 egg production value of $82.7 million, Smith said. 

Egg production in New York during the 2012 year totaled 1.31 billion, up 4 percent from a year earlier. The value of sales from chickens in 2012 was $21,000, down 9 percent from 2011. 

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