Friday, August 25, 2017

Ballots Out for Grape Research and Development Order

Ballots for a referendum on a research and development order for grape growers have been sent out.

Anyone who has not received a ballot should contact

A Research & Development Order, also known as a market order, is a grower supported, grower funded and grower led funding stream administered in cooperation with the state Urban Development Corp. and the state Department of Agriculture & Markets for research that will benefit ALL New York grape growers. 

Every grower will contribute an assessment based on farm gate value. The capital generated from this order will fund research and extension projects that will assist grape growers – 5 percent of the funds will be used for administration of the program. 

Details on how the assessed funds are spent and results of research and extension will be public information. Growers will have a chance to reaffirm the order every seven years.

An Advisory Board (assembled from nominations submitted by growers) consisting of seven growers (3 from Lake Erie, and 1 each from the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island, and the North Country regions), one processor of juice grapes, and one processor of wine grapes will ensure proper administration of the program and will approve all research and extension projects undertaken.

Processors in New York state will reserve the funds from payments to growers and submit them on their behalf to the Urban Development Corp. Growers who sell fruit out of state will be responsible for submitting those assessments directly and wineries who process their own fruit will be responsible for submitting the assessment based on the value of their fruit. 

All money will be directed to the Urban Development Corp.

The assessment can be up to ½ of 1 percent or .005 percent of the farm gate value of all juice and wine grapes grown in New York which is estimated to generate up to $240,000. For example, if you’re getting $250/ton for Concords, and the Advisory Board approves an assessment at ¼ of 1 percent, the amount would be 63¢/ton.

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