Saturday, July 1, 2017

July is National Grilling Month

July is National Grilling Month.

While it's true that some people grill year-round, July is highlighted as the weather has become very nice, more people are outside and it's the perfect time for cooking outside.

According to the National Day Calendar website, "Summer is the time for the best outdoor cooking, so it is no surprise July is National Grilling Month."

Anyone thinking of grilling can buy meat at area grocery stores, locally owned meat markets or -- better yet -- find a local farmer who raises beef, pork or poultry and buy fresh meat right from them. 

That way, you not only will be getting local farm raised product, but you'll also be helping one of your neighbors by putting some money into their pockets.

So fire up that grill and get out and cook something! Oh and remember, in addition to meat, veggies also are great on the grill and those can be purchased from your local farmer too!!

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