Thursday, December 29, 2016

Craft Distilleries and Cideries Have Great Two Years

From New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

Since the Craft New York Act was enacted Dec. 13, 2014, the number of farm distilleries has nearly doubled. 

This growth is a direct result of the Craft New York Act, which provided significant benefits to farm distillers. There are now 107 farm distilleries operating in New York state, with 50 new businesses opening over the last two years.
"By cutting red tape and easing regulations on farm distilleries, we are supporting the growth and expansion of small businesses that create new jobs and drive economic growth across New York," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

"From farm distilleries to breweries to cideries, the craft beverage industry is thriving, strengthening the agricultural and tourism industries, and providing real economic benefits to communities in every region of the state," Cuomo said.
As a result of New York supporting the industry, the growth of small craft beverage producers is leading to increased tax revenue, job opportunities, increased demand for farm products, such as corn, grains and apples, and a bolstered tourism impact for the state. 

A full list of the new farm distilleries established in New York since December 2014 is available by going to .  

In all, the number of farm-based distillery businesses in New York state has increased 10-fold since 2011, from 10 to 107.
Regulatory and legislative reforms implemented to support the development and expansion of New York craft distillers include the Craft New York Act, which provided New York farm distilleries with the opportunity to:

** Conduct tastings and serve “by the bottle” and “by the glass;”  
** Increase the retail outlets where they can sell and offer samples of their products;  
** Lower the food requirement that must be met by manufacturers when offering tastings and consumption on premises; 
  ** Open offsite branch stores, eliminating the need for a separate license; and 
  ** Increase production by raising the annual manufacturing cap while maintaining low cost licensing fees.

In addition to the growth of farm distilleries, nine distilleries opened branch locations since the Craft Act went into effect.
Cuomo championed several additional reforms previous to the Craft Act that benefit New York distilleries, including the elimination of a brand label registration fee, saving New York distilleries $687,000 in fees since 2014, and the elimination of a duplicate licenses for farm distilleries, providing substantial cost savings and reducing paperwork for businesses across the State.

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