Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beef Tours Begin Today

From the New York Beef Industry Council:

The New York Beef Industry Council “Farm to Fork” tours begin today in the state.

The tours are an opportunity to connect producers to consumers as part of Beef Month, held each May in New York state. 

Dozens of representatives from the retail food and restaurant industries, as well as culinary instructors and dieticians, have signed up for a Farm-to-Fork tour this week, which will provide an educational opportunity for consumers to learn more about the growing beef industry in New York state and encourage consumers to know more about where their food is coming from.

“There has been increased demand for locally grown beef over the last few years. These tours will give consumers a window into cattle farm operations across Upstate New York and the dedicated farmers behind them," said state Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard Ball. 

"Consumers want to know where there food is coming from and these tours will help restaurant owners and retail establishments learn more about the products they’re selling and better understand the importance of the local beef industry to New York state’s agricultural economy as a whole,” he said.

The tours will take place in the Hudson Valley, Capital Region, Central New York and the Finger Lakes Region. All events will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the following locations:

        Tuesday, May 19 – Millbrook, NY/ Walbridge Farms (Hudson Valley)
        Wednesday, May 20 – Westerlo, NY/ Golden Acres (Capital Region)
        Thursday, May 21 – Earlville, NY/ Drover Hill Farm (Central NY)
        Friday, May 22 – Medina, NY / SK Hereford (Finger Lakes)

In New York state, there are more than 13,559 cattle farms with 1.45 million cattle supplying nutritious, wholesome beef to consumers. These farms contribute to New York State’s economy by generating more than $294 million in sales. 

Thousands of people — from cattle producers and feed manufacturers to equipment dealers and food marketers — play a role in bringing beef from pasture to plate. 

"Our goal is to educate influencers about the beef industry in New York state and we hope in turn they will spread the message about beef production in the state,” said Jean O’Toole, director of public relations for the New York Beef Industry Council. 

“We want them to have a better understanding about all the segments of our industry and the types and brands of beef that our offered to their consumers. New York state beef producers are proud to be able to offer a variety of beef choices and proud to raise the safest beef in the world,” she said. 

For more information about May Beef Month tours, please visit: http://www.nybeef.org/meatyourbeefmaytours2015.aspx

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