Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grants Available to Form Dairy Profit Teams

From the New York Farm Viability Institute:

The New York Farm Viability Initiative is encouraging dairy farmers to apply now for $2,500 grants to form dairy profit teams for their farm.

“Right now, with milk prices so good, is the time to think about improvements. You want to maximize your yields, while continuing to manage your costs," said Ron Robbins, owner of North Harbor Dairy in Sackets Harbor and a Farm Viability Institute board member. "The right team of experts, all chosen by you, can help you see where the opportunities are. Lining up your money now, while it’s available, is a smart move.”

“I understand that taking that first step can be challenging. It’s hard to step back from the daily priorities and share with others the big picture of your operations,” Robbins said.

Profit teams are a well-proven concept in New York. The state’s farmers have been using this approach, sometimes called advisory teams, successfully for the last 10 years.

The New York Farm Viability Institute is honored to have been entrusted with a legislative appropriation through the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets to help dairy farmers who haven’t used profit teams get started.

“I hope more farms will enroll and utilize the funds available to them. Over the years I’ve seen such great results from this approach. In many cases the work from these teams has literally saved a business," said Managing Director David Grusenmeyer. "The funds are directed solely by the farmer; some teams are improving herd health, others are focused on milk quantity. Some are even working with financial advisors to develop succession plans. It’s all up to the farmer to decide.”

The application for a Dairy Profit Team grant can be found at

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