Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buy Tickets to State Fair Online

The state is making it easier to buy tickets for the Great New York State Fair.

For the first time ever, people can buy tickets online to attend the fair, which runs from Aug. 21 ot Sept. 1.

The fair has debuted a new online purchasing page on its website at that offers tickets at a 40 percent discount over the price at the gate.

The secure website sells five products including the single-day ticket, which will be mailed free of charge to buyers:

  • A single-day advance sale ticket, for $6. That’s a 40 percent savings over the $10 charge for admission at the gate during the Fair.

  • A Frequent Fairgoer ticket book, which contains 6 days’ worth of tickets, for $30. That’s a 50 percent savings over the full general admission price.

  • A single-day rides wristband voucher, for $20. The voucher saves $5 over the weekday price and $10 over the weekend price. The wristband allows a fairgoer to ride the all-new Wade Shows Midway rides all day.

  • A voucher for the Mega Pass, for $70, which allows a fairgoer to ride Midway rides all day every day of the Fair.

  • A daily parking pass for $5.​

This is the first time that the Frequent Fairgoer ticket book and parking passes have been available beyond the State Fair Box Office. The online site joins a massive network of grocery and drug stores, including nearly every Wegmans, Price Chopper, Tops, and Kinney Drug, that last year sold more than 300,000 advance sale tickets. Select stores also sell ​one-day ride wristbands.

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