Friday, June 27, 2014

New York Still Number 2 in Maple Production

New York again is the second largest maple syrup producer in the country.

Figures released Friday June 27 show New York producers in 2014 made 546,000 gallons of syrup with 2.2 million taps. New York edged out Maine for the number 2 spot – Maine syrup makers made 545,000 gallons in 2014.

Number 1 is still held by Vermont, with 1,320,000 gallons of syrup made.

Production this year is down a bit from 2013 when producers made 574,000 gallons. The weather was challenging this year because the cold weather held on longer this late winter and early spring, resulting in a late start to the sap flow.

Producers with newer vacuum equipment had an easier time of it as they were able to get more sap out of the maple trees than those producers who rely on regular sap flow into buckets.

“Every year, we are reminded that Mother Nature is in charge and the percentages of maple syrup colors produced in largely determined by environmental factors,” said Dwayne Hill, president of the New York State Maple Producers Association. “This was, there was a low percentage of light amber syrup, with most of the crop comprising medium and dark colors. This is a good thing for consumers as the most popular flavors of maple are medium and dark amber.”

The maple association always has a large booth inside the Horticulture Building at the New York State Fair. The association announced this week it will have two new exhibits in its booth this summer.

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