Monday, November 4, 2013

Pick Apples at Abbotts for A Good Cause

Hey folks!!

Give Abbotts Farm in Lysander a call if you can help them out.

Here is what they posted on their Facebook page today:

we need some input from our community... 
We have had an outstanding year here on the farm! The best strawberries we have ever grown, our first ever blueberry festival, and fun filled fall season. So, here we are at the end of the season, and we have a problem. We have way more apples on the trees to be picked than we can move on our own. We are proposing an idea, and we will need your help. We will need to organize one day this coming week where we would invite you, our CNY community, to help us pick as many apples as we can and donate them to area food pantries, the food bank, rescue mission, hospitals, nursing homes and more. Representatives from these organizations will be invited to the farm to take all they can from what is picked. We have been in contact with several of these charitable groups and the word is spreading. Before we go any further we need to make sure we have the means to pick and process all this produce. So the question is would you come out to the farm for an hour or two, and help pick apples for some folks who could really use them. In return for you helping us we will help you by giving all the volunteers a bag of apples for free to take home as well. Let us know what you think and leave any feedback you may have. Mother nature is not on our side here, with the cold temps we will need to do something quickly before the apples are no good. So if we are to go ahead with this it will need to happen soon.

Go to to leave a message on whether you can help.

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